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iLipo, laser fat reduction system by Chromogenex is a clinically proven and non-surgical option to help achieve your weight loss goals or focus on trouble areas.

The iLipo uses a low level laser type diode with a wavelength between 650 and 660 nm. This wavelength uses a process known as photobiomodulation to trigger the bodies natural processes which release the contents stored in the fat cells. Treatments are comfortable, no pain of any kind. You may feel a warming sensation in the treatment area.

Post treatments require some sort of physical exercise to then flush the released fat cells from your body.

Used as sole weight loss tool, the iLipo can be rather ineffective, where we see the best results is when using the iLipo in conjunction with an exercise routine to accelerate and outperform the weight loss you would already be achieving.

Jogging, bike riding, or use of an exercise machine is highly recommended within 24 hours of a treatment.